Clean up the oceans and stop losing up to £10 million per day


Every day around 30,000 tonnes of waste streams into our oceans and rivers.

However well-meaning, non-profit solutions often fix the
symptoms and not the cause of this pollution.

But by helping deal with the problem right where it starts you
could gain up to £10 million per day in operational profits.

And help rebuild damaged communities by offering proper
housing, medical care, schooling and wages.

Fix the problem where it starts not where it ends up.


Stop losing up to 2 billion litres of low-cost sustainable jet fuel every year


Airlines need a truly sustainable source of jet fuel to help them achieve net zero.

However despite recent investments sustainable jet fuel is scarce and expensive.

But we could deliver up to 2 billion litres of sustainable and competitively
priced jet fuel per year.

In uncertain times it’s a cost-effective way of working towards net zero.

Sustainable jet fuel does not need to cost the earth.

Gain by helping hotels to stop wasting energy


Hotels waste millions every year heating water.

Heating water also generates millions of tons of CO2 every year.

But our environmentally sustainable system helps to circumvent these problems.

It can help increase water temperatures by up to 10°c and save on CO2 production.

It’s a system with no running costs and it can help increase positive guest ratings.

Jump in. The waters warm.


Profit by helping stop personal eTransport systems wasting huge amounts of energy and money


By 2023 up to 500 million personal eTransport batteries will be in circulation.

But they only last about 2 years and at best around 5% actually get recycled.

The rest are dumped, causing long term pollution issues.

Our system creates a huge short-term reduction in dumping and makes
time for bad extraction practices and battery technologies to improve.

Creating highly profitable sustainable opportunities on the way.

Push personal eTransport
towards a cleaner future.


Stop losing up to £20 billion by accurately monitoring half the Earth’s ecospheres


Around half of the Earth’s landmass is desert and savannah
and it’s undergoing rapid climatic changes.

But measuring the sheer scale of those changes is very difficult.

However, we have a low-cost, wide area monitoring system
that’s mobile and that generates its own energy.

It offers customisable instrumentation, it’s semi autonomous
and it can hide in plain sight.

It can be easily distributed in large numbers by air or land.

And it’s profitable.

What gets accurately reported doesn’t just get changed. It gets transformed.

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